Flytec Balloon TT34 temperature transmitter

Our wireless temperature transmitter measures the canopy temperature at the top of your balloon, and transmits it over radio to your Flytec Balloon variometer.

The TT34 turns on automatically based on the temperature difference between the temperature sensor and the sender part. The coded transmission guarantees the clear reception. Transmission distance is up to 40 m (130 ft).

Technical data

Power supply

standard 9V Alkaline battery

battery level is transmitted along with temperature, allowing the receiving vario to indicate the level and warn in the case of low battery voltage

Operating time

~200 hours of transmission time

Transmission frequency

EU: 433 MHz, to be used in all countries except USA

US: 418 MHz

FCC certification



optimized design: robust, shock-resistant, form stable up to 150°C


130 x 60 x 25 mm


150 g

Temperature sensor

small, robust sensor, 5mm diameter, connected with 20 cm fire-resistant cable

Probe damage

sensor or cable breakage are monitored and the status is transmitted along with temperature, allowing the receiving vario to alert the pilot in case of a defect


by means of Velcro tape or strap, see mounting instructions:
Installations-Anleitung Deutsch
Installation instructions English

User manual

TT34 UserManual


24 months

Fabric bag

Our Flytec Balloon fabric bag protects your vario during transport and storage.

Accessories for Flytec Balloon 3040

Attachment strap

Use this velcro strap to attach the Flytec Balloon 3040 to the basket uprights.

Rechargeable battery set

Instead of using standard 9V Alkalines, you can operate the Flytec Balloon 3040 with these rechargeable NiMH batteries. Set of 2, requires charger.

Battery charger

Use to charge the 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries in your TT34. 100-250 VAC

Accessories for Flytec Balloon 6040 and FAI Competition Logger

Attachment plate with strap

Use this attachment with velcro strap to attach the Flytec Balloon 6040 or FAI Competition Logger to the basket uprights. Attached to vario back with M5 screw, works with uprights of 8-15 cm diameter.

Rechargeable battery set

Set of 4x 1.2V NiMH rechargeable batteries

Battery charger

Wall charger, 110-240 VAC / 12V DC 1A, EU or US version

Car battery charger

Plugs into car cigarette lighter

USB cable

USB to Mini-USB, 1m