The new vario for ballooning competitions

The Flytec Balloon Live Sensor makes balloon competitions easier, safer, and more fun. The successor to our well-known FAI Competition Logger is a joint development with the Ballooning Commission (CIA) of the World Air Sports Federation (FAI). It ties perfectly into the new Balloon Live universe and provides precise position and movement data to both the Balloon Live mobile app, and the pilots’ tablet or laptop computers.

Main characteristics

  • Very easy to use
  • Robust and reliable
  • Very good sunlight readability
  • High precision for position and pressure measurement
  • Long battery life of about 20 hours with a full charge, batteries can be recharged


  • Altitude (in m and ft)
  • QNH (in hPa and inHg)
  • Climb / sink rate: numeric (in m/s and fpm)
  • Ground speed (“GPS speed”, in m/s, km/h, mph and knots)
  • GPS position
  • Bluetooth LE connection to transmit flight data to Balloon Live mobile app
  • Bluetooth connection to transmit flight data to moving map application on laptop or tablet computer
  • Rechargeable battery

Also good to know

  • Robust and nearly indestructible casing
  • Built-in safety lanyard
  • The positioning system (“GPS”) uses four different satellite systems for an unprecedented accuracy: GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou
  • Flight memory for over 10’000 hours, accessible directly via USB (comes up as a drive, no additional software required)
  • Battery charging through USB, any phone charger will work
  • 2 years warranty on production defects
  • Our world-wide network of repair centers will still take care of your Flytec Balloon Live Sensor once warranty has expired, or for cases not covered by warranty
  • In case of defects, all components can be replaced

Package content

  • Flytec Balloon Live Sensor
  • Velcro attachment strap
  • Fabric bag
  • USB-C to Micro-USB adapter

More information

More information about the Balloon Live Sensor, its use, how it ties into the Balloon Live universe, software updates and much more, visit the Balloon Live website.