Flytec Balloon 6040: Technical specification


absolute altitude in meter or feet, up to 11’000 m / 36’000 ft

second altimeter (relative altitude)

GPS altitude

resolution: 1 m / 1 ft



display range: ±8 m/s / ±1’600 fpm

resolution: 0.2 m/s / 40 fpm


display range: ±100 m/s / ±20’000 fpm

resolution 10 cm/s / 20 fpm


high-sensitive SIRF III GPS-receiver of the latest generation
position update at 1 Hz, independent of the flight recording rate


GPS: 1 km/ to 300 km/h

Wind vane (optional): up to 100 km/h

Memory options

Waypoints: 200

Routes: 20 Routes, with a maximum of 30 waypoints each

Barograph: 100 flights

Tracklog points: 21’000

Logged airtime: 48 hours at 10 s recording interval, 291 hours at 60 s recording interval

Flights are recorded in the IGC format

Airspace: 300

SD card for easy data exchange (waypoints, routes, airspace, flight logs, settings)

Power supply

Battery options: 4x AA, either 1.5V Alkaline or 1.2V NiMH rechargeable

Battery organization: 2 banks independent banks with 2 batteries each, automatic switch from bank 1 to bank 2 when bank 1 is depleted

Operating time

Alkaline: [gt] 20 hours per bank, total [gt] 40 hours

NiMh: [gt] 16 hours per bank, total [gt] 32 hours

Charger (included)

Input: 100 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 260mA
Output: 12 V DC, 1A, max. 12 VA


Mini-USB port, for data exchange (waypoints, routes, airspace, flight logs, settings) and software updates

Bluetooth module for NMEA position data transmission (optional)

Radio receiver for temperature data from TT34 sender (US 418 MHz / ROW 433 MHz)


Transflective LCD, black and white, with excellent sunlight-readability

76’800 Pixel / 320 x 240 Pixel (= ¼ VGA)


safety landyard

holder clip with velcro band (included)


ABS-housing, blue, robust, shock resistant, splash proof

dimensions: 178 x 95 x 40 mm

weight: 425g


24 months