Flytec Balloon 4 Night Glow

Let there be light

You like those calm early morning launches.

You like those serene evening flights into the sunset.

You like those surreal night flights under your gas balloon.

And in all those situations, you want to read the values on your vario. That’s why we bring you the Flytec Balloon 4 Night Glow.

The Flytec Balloon 4 Night Glow is the first commercially available ballooning vario with built-in backlight. And it’s not just any backlight, it’s a beautiful warm amber glow that is a perfect match with your burner flame. Because your vario should shine as beautifully as your balloon.

The Flytec Balloon 4 Night Glow can now be pre-ordered. Delivery of the first, limited batch is expected for mid-July 2020.

Existing Flytec Balloon 4 can be upgraded with the Night Glow option. Contact us for details.