Variometers, or varios, are electronic devices that help balloonists with many aspects of their flights:

First of all, varios augment a pilot’s senses for something we humans are ill equipped to detect: vertical movement. By indicating vertical speed, both optically and acoustically, the vario tells the pilot whether he is climbing or sinking, and how fast. Our varios do this with incredible precision, allowing balloon pilots to use their scarce resources (gas and ballast) in the most economical way possible. This way we help them fly longer, and safer.

Knowing the exact altitude is also crucial to balloonists. They need it to stay within permitted airspace, and to provide correct information when communicating with airspace control. They also need it to build their mental image of the different layers in the air, with their different wind speeds and directions.

Another aspect that adds to safety is the wireless envelope temperature transmission. Knowing the temperature at the top of the balloon helps pilots stay within the safe zone, and extends their equipment lifetime.

Modern balloon varios also show speed and flight direction, they record the flight and allow a detailed post-flight analysis.

Flytec Balloon varios

Flytec Balloon 4

The Flytec Balloon 4 is our newest, most advanced and easiest to use balloon vario.

Now available with backlight: Flytec Balloon 4 Night Glow.
Flytec Balloon Live Sensor

The Flytec Balloon Live Sensor makes ballooning competitions easy, safe and fun.
Flytec Balloon 6040

The Flytec Balloon 6040 offers a wealth of features to the ambitious balloonist.


Discontinued devices

Flytec Balloon 3040

The Flytec Balloon 3040 was the classic among the balloon varios for decades.
Flytec Balloon FAI Competition Logger

The Flytec Balloon FAI Competition Logger was is the first electronic device for scoring balloon competitions.

Volirium varios for paragliding and hang-gliding

In addition to the above, we are also the makers of the Volirium varios for paragliding and hang-gliding.