Another firmware release for the 6040

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We have released yet another firmware version for the 6040. V3.03a includes the following changes from the last official release (3.01a, released in December 2017):

  • Cleaner start-up and shut-down screens
  • Updated, unified texts for menus and settings throughout whole 6000 vario family
  • The link the an FAF airspace file on the SD card is removed whenever airspaces are uploaded from the computer, or when airspaces are deleted through the menu
  • All numeric values (e.g. cylinder radius) can be increased / decreased rapidly with the right / left arrow keys, and slower, for finer settings, with the up / down arrow keys
  • Distances in routes are shown with one decimal
  • Range of vane wheel correction: 50 % to 150 %
  • In the IGC file, the “takeoff” and “landing” C-records are now set according to the specification
  • Bug fix, uploading airspaces no longer leads to re-initialization with wrong values (e.g. serial number 500)

Important: This update will delete all waypoints and routes from the vario. Make sure you save them to the SD card or your computer before updating.

Visit the 6040 software page to download this version.